Mini Review: Todoist

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Over the years I have bought a number of ToDo apps and for one reason or another they never gelled, until Todoist.

Todoist is different in that it’s interface is a lot more simple compared to the likes of OmniFocus, but a lot more advanced than something like Clear making it an ideal middle ground for anyone looking to be more productive but without going hardcore GTD (Which is not to say that you cant do GTD with Todoist) which can be a challenge in itself

Todoist’s task entry works on natural language much like a lot of the better calendar apps around making it very easy and quick to work with and capture tasks. It isn’t perfect and have occasionally hit issues where I’m trying to describe task but its taking the date from the wrong part but once you get used to its ways you can normally work around it quite easily. With the upcoming iOS 11 release Todoist will be able to interact with Siri allowing direct capture to the service. Currently you have to use a service like IFTTT on your iPhone to send tasks from your reminders list to Todoist. Personally the slight delay in getting tasks in via IFTTT is not a major issue as I mainly use it whilst out in the car using “Hey Siri” when something pops into my head that I need to get done.

Importantly for me unlike a lot of iOS ToDo apps it has a Windows and web based counterpart which for some reason most iOS Developers seem to just avoid and stick to Apple only leaving out a huge potential market. This was one of the biggest reasons for me dropping OmniFocus, not being able to capture and work with my list on a desktop was a big hurdle.

One of Todoist’s other USPs is its Karma system whereby you earn points based on how many tasks you manage to complete per day and hitting your own productivity goals. You are presented with a  graph showing your productivity across the week as well as a Vacation mode for when you are away and would not be working anyway or weekend mode for your downtime so you do not lose your Karma score.

When you hit a new level you get a code for 3 extra months on your subscription and one to share with a friend. I joined the premium package in around March 2017 for one year but through the Karma reward system and swapping codes with friends my renewal date is now well into 2019 which is another great incentive to use the system.

There are a few quirks with how sub-tasks and handled or displayed in my opinion and reminders take a little work to get perfect but for the small amount of extra setup you have to do you end up with much easier to use productivity system and as the service is under constant development things are always getting better and there is even a beta channel you can join to get the bleeding edge updates (on the web at least).

Todoist has a basic free version or a more full featured premium version at around £22 per year (at time of writing). With the reward system mentioned above it feels pretty good value for money and so far has a big difference to my work and private life.

Find out more on their website and for a breakdown of the Premium package click here.













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