A fresh start

Welcome to the new look blog. With a new year coming I thought it was time I tried to breathe some new life into my blog. Life over the last couple of years got a bit mad and my work has kept me incredibly busy and I just wasn’t finding the time to post.

The blog will be an outlet for my thoughts, things I’ve made, enjoyed or recommend with a leaning towards (but not exclusively) tech and IT related topics

I’m also planning to get back to writing technical guides and tutorials as well as recommendations or reviews for useful software. Where possible I’ll also write up projects I’ve been working on in my day job where possible and authorised.

I’ve also recently joined Mastodon – so please check me out over there. I’m trying to keep as positive as possible vibe over there as part of an overall effort to de-stress. I’m still on twitter (for now) though I have found my usage waning lately and my active network is shrinking. I’m hoping the good contingent of my group there moves over as well.

I’ll be re-posting a couple of my old projects soon for the sake of history as well as some of my little powershell scripts tools.