Mini Review: Todoist

Over the years I have bought a number of ToDo apps and for one reason or another they never gelled, until Todoist.

Todoist is different in that it’s interface is a lot more simple compared to the likes of OmniFocus, but a lot more advanced than something like Clear making it an ideal middle ground for anyone looking to be more productive but without going hardcore GTD (Which is not to say that you cant do GTD with Todoist) which can be a challenge in itself

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Recommended: Risky Business Podcast

If you work in any realm of IT you owe it to yourself to keep abreast of security news.

As we all know the internet isn’t a safe as it used to be and Patrick Gray’s Risky Business Podcast is a highly informative and entertaining show covering the Infosec arena.

Some of it does go over my head sometimes but knowing how attacks are being orchestrated in the wild has really helped me make better decisions about how I set my systems up and secure them.

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Linux Desktop Rollout Project

In my previous post as IT Manager for a call centre in Brighton I was tasked with getting our users onto Linux based workstations. I wrote this originally as project post on the Spiceworks Community which I have decided to tidy up and post here as it fits right in with the type of content I want to post.  Hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to

Welcome one and all to my new look blog! As any of you who have followed my online presence have probably noticed my on and off relationship with blogging and that mostly came down to not focusing and not dedicating the time, with the new blog and the new domain that's set to change.

My new blog is intended to be 99% IT and Tech Focused with a mix of thought/opinion pieces and a number of instructional guide posts for the technology I'm working with day to day with a minimum of personal nonsense but all with at least some IT/Tech Focus.

Along with the blog I am also intending on building up my YouTube channel with instructional content which will tie in with the blog, having learnt so much from various tech bloggers and YouTubers it's time I have something back.

I will always be the first to admit I may not be right about everything or doing it the best way so if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree somewhere please get involved and leave a comment, there's always more to learn!

Please bear with me whilst I get things straightened out with the new setup and the content will follow shortly starting with one of my big projects for a previous employer.